The Bungalow at City Pork

The Bungalow is headed to City Pork in the Spring.  We are officially registered and will compete at Hogs for the Cause, and now waiting on rules and regulations to arrive in the mail.  Here comes the the fun part – figuring out the team and practice, practice, practice!

We have not cooked a whole hog in about five years.  Well, maybe six.  Before March, we are going to be ‘cueing at least two hogs on the pit. The only problem with barbecuing random whole hogs is trying to find a reason and a place to get that many people together.  While we are not going for the Monster Hog, we are still going for a cleaned eighty to hundred pound hog.  I think we can handle the hog – just be sure to follow us via here/Facebook/Twitter/Google for announcements requesting help eating tasty porky deliciousness.

We are also competing in all the other categories as well.  This includes Pork Shoulder, Ribs, Porkpourri, Sauce, and Beans.  Our Shoulder and RIbs are strong – not too much concern on that one.  The Sauce and Beans are non-scoring, so those will be mastered solely for bragging rights.  That and a bunch of cash.  It all comes down to Porkpourri.  This will probably involve some form of homemade Bacon, and maybe some sort of homemade sausage.  It may be the Return of the Meat Bomb.

Keep checking back for updates on the Hogs for the Cause preparation, as well as some upcoming rants on Makin’ Bacon, adventures in Cold Smoking, and other random ‘Cue related fun.